"Does your salon or spa offer electrolysis services?"

I'm surprised when I ask this question to spa owners. It's often followed by a blank stare. I'm never sure if they know what electrolysis is, or why they'd want to offer it as a service.

The thing is, that if you are waxing, plucking, tweezing and threading your clients, you're probably doing them a disservice. Even laser may not be giving your clients what they are really wanting.

Let's look at the facts:

Waxing, tweezing and the like are done by tearing hair out of the follicle. The body sees this in the same way as getting a cut or other injury. It reacts by increasing blood flow to the damaged area. In this case, the body tries to repair the damage by building a bigger, stronger papilla and this results in hair that is thicker and coarser than the original.

Is that what your client wants?

Laser or IPL can be effective for hair removal, but has the following limitations:

Firstly, laser only works when the hair is dark and the skin is light. It's simple physics. Light energy is absorbed by dark colours and reflected by light colours. If you are tanned and have grey hair, laser will not work.

Second, laser can be a very effective way to reduce hair growth on some parts of the body. However, the hair you grow on your legs is not the same as the hair on your face. Hair on the legs is finer and is genetically programmed to get lighter or fall out as you age. Hair on a woman's face typically gets coarser with time. Laser is typically not a good way to get rid of facial hair and is rarely ever permanent.

Lastly, if done incorrectly, laser can actually promote hair growth. (Yikes!!!) After all, aren't there a lot of companies out there using laser to repair baldness? The theory is still sound; use enough laser to increase blood flow to the balding area and hair may regrow. But in the hands of an untrained laser tech, you can get the opposite of what you bargained for: growing hair instead of removing!

Is that what your client wants?

Why electrolysis is best:

Despite being the only way to permanent hair removal, most women know very little about it.

Electrolysis is done by inserting a tiny filament into the hair follicle. (The skin is not pierced.) An electrical current is applied to the root of the hair. It feels like a bit like an insect bite. The process is simple, effective and safe. Some redness and swelling is typical, but is usually gone after a few hours.

The best reason I can see that electrolysis is not as popular as the other methods is simply that it takes longer, is less comfortable, less expedient and more expensive.

But in the end the hair is gone. That's what your client wants!

Hair Removal is a Growth Industry

Facial hair on women is something that most women find socially unacceptable. Our reality is that facial hair is completely normal, especially as we get older. It's Mother Nature's other little surprise and it's totally annoying. As women go through the normal hormonal changes of puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, our bodies often start sprouting hair in places we simply don't want.

There are lots of ways to deal with it. But, with experience we all learn that the quick fix doesn't exist. Electrolysis may be the hardest way to go, but it is absolutely the best way to fix the problem.

About Summer Breeze

Terri Breeze is a professional trained electrologist. She holds a diploma of electrolysis from Vogue college where she completed a 400 hour program in hair removal.

Summer Breeze Electrolysis has a complete studio in Walnut Grove of Langley. In addition, we are completely mobile and able to work in your salon. If you have a treatment room with a bed, sink, and mag lamp, we have the rest of the required equipment and can come to you.

Just add clients and we have a winning combination that will help you to serve your clients better. And, help them get what they want.

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