Electrolysis Facial Hair Removal FAQ

Q.  What is electrolysis?

A.  Electrolysis, as the term is used in the aesthetics industry, refers to a method of hair removal.  A tiny needle is inserted into a hair follicle and an electrical current is used to destroy the root of the hair.  Electrolysis is not LASER and focuses directly at the source of the hair, unlike other methods of hair removal.  Due to the genetic structures of facial hair, electrolysis is the most effective treatment for facial hair removal.

Q.  Does electrolysis hurt?

A.  There are many factors that affect the pain of treatment.  This includes; the type of electrolysis performed, the area treated, the coarseness of the hair, the pain tolerance of the client and the skill of the electrologist.  Your electrologist will work with you to obtain the most effective treatment with minimal discomfort.

Q.  Is electrolysis permanent?

A.  Currently electrolysis is considered by experts to be the only permanent way to remove unwanted hair.  Other methods such as laser and IPL are considered permanent hair reduction.  A properly treated follicle will not re-grow hair, but depending on a number of factors a follicle may need to be treated more than once.  It is also important to know that hair grows in cycles.  So it is possible that new hair may grow months after an area has been treated.

Q.  How does electrolysis work?

A.  There are two general methods of electrolysis used in various forms called modalities.  The first method is galvanic which is also known as electrolysis.  In this method, direct current is applied to follicle.  This direct current results in a chemical reaction that chemically destroys the root of the hair.  The second method uses a high frequency current that destroys the hair through heat.  This is called thermolysis.  Other modalities are created by using combinations of the galvanic electrolysis and high frequency thermolysis methods.  Most often you will hear the term "blend" which refers to the use of both.

Q.  Why not use LASER, IPL or other light treatments?  Aren't they faster?

A.  LASER, Nd YAG, IPL are all treatments that use various forms of light to burn the hair follicle.  The effectiveness of the treatment is affected by the colour of the hair, the colour of the skin and the area being treated.  Dark hair on light coloured skin is the best candidate for laser or other light treatments.  Those with dark skin are mostly likely to have poor results and even suffer with burns to the skin.  If you have grey or white hair laser treatments are likely to be quite ineffective.  Various areas of the body have different levels of effectiveness from this treatment.  The legs appear to be well suited for LASER and IPL.  But these treatments appear to be the least effective in areas of deep terminal hairs such as facial hair.  In general, laser treatment should be considered to be permanent hair reduction.  Only electrolysis can truly be considered permanent hair removal.

Q. Does waxing, plucking tweezing and threading help remove unwanted hair?  

A. NO! To the contrary, textbooks on hair removal will explain that these methods result in damage to the papilla where the papilla grows thicker.  The result is often stronger thicker new hair growth.

Q. Does shaving cause hair to grow back thicker?

A. No, shaving does not affect the follicle, so does not cause hair to grow back thicker.  However, the resulting blunt end of the hair may feel rougher to the touch.

Q.  What about transgender specific issues?

Transgender Hair Removal

A.  Adult transgender persons transitioning from male to female have special needs when it comes to facial hair removal.  We understand these needs very well and will cater specificaly to them.  We also understand that you may be in various stages of transition and can ensure your privacy.  Please see [Transgender MTF Hair Removal] for more information. 

Q.  Where is Summer Breeze Electrolysis Located?

A. My electrolysis studio is located in Walnut Grove area of Langley, BC, Canada.  Part of the lower Fraser Valley and about 30 minutes east of Vancouver on Highway 1.  The studio is in my home, so it's easy to visit while remaining discrete. 

Q. What Do I Need For My First Appointment?

A. Please see our page "Your First Visit"

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