Clinic/Spa Onsite Services


Available Onsite Electrolysis Services

I'm available for onsite services in clinics or spas within the Greater Vancouver area.  This is ideal for clinics and spas that want to book electrolysis for their own clients, but don't have the equipment and expertise for these services.


  • Recommended 4 - 10 hour block per day. (minimum 4 hours block)
  • Will provide machine and expertise
  • $21.00/hr.
  • $5.00/client for supplies (if not provided)


  • Clients
  • Clean/private room with treatment table, stool, equipment stand and mag lamp
  • Sink preferred
  • Linens or equivalent paper supplies
  • Optional Supplies: ballet F2/F3/F4 one piece filaments, cotton balls, q-tips, kleenex, isopropyl with dispenser, polysporin, sharps disposal,



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