Terri Breeze is a graduate of Vogue Esthetics College and holds a Diploma of Electrology from that school.  Her training included four hundred hours of theory and practical experience at the college.  

"When I first considered electrology I figured I'd read a book and that would be enough.  After all, that's what so many electrologist do.  But after weeks of classroom study I realized how much there is to know and how woefully inadequately trained many people are.  My formal training helps to ensure that my clients get the safest and most effective treatment." -- Terri Breeze

Professionally, Terri has many years of experience in managing a small business and working as a software developer.  She has a keen sense of customer service and has the professional attitude that ensures client satisfaction.

In her spare time, Terri is an amateur musician and bassist and currently is a member of the band Lotus.

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