For Your First Electrolysis Visit

First Time Having Electrolysis?

If this is your first time having electrolysis you many want to take some time to read our FAQ page. If this is old hat for you, you already know the drill. Regardless please read over this page and it will help to get things on track.

What You Need

On your first visit we will spent some time going over your needs and discussing how we can best serve you.

The following items should be considered before you arrive:

  • Before treatment you be asked to fill our Client Information form.  If you like, you can download, complete and bring the form along with you to save time.
  • Review our FAQ page.  This may help you formulate any questions you may have.  Bring a list of questions if you like.
  • In order to perform any hair removal treatment, we require that the hair be at least about 3mm long.  (For trans facial hair, this is usually two days growth.)
  • Before starting treatment remember that shaving and trimming hair are okay.  Waxing, tweezing, threading and plucking are not recommended.  (Ask us why.)
  • The preferred payment method is cash.  See the rates page for more information.


Client Form [PDF]

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